Board members

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) and Football Club Board (FCB) work closely to give the Trust and the club unified, strategic leadership and direction.

There is a clear line of accountability running from the football club’s directors, through the club’s CEO, and up to the fully elected DTB which is, in turn, accountable to the membership as a whole.

Within this framework, the role of the DTB is to set and agree strategic direction and to scrutinise the performance of the FCB.

The DTB consists of nine elected members, including a Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer, and one co-opted member.

The names of individual board members are listed below in alphabetical order, plus the areas of DT activity in which they take the lead role. To email any particular member, just click on their name.


Matt_BreachMatthew Breach (Chair)
Responsible for: Community share issue
Relationships with external bodies

Mark_DavisMark Davis (Vice Chair)
Responsible for: Future organisation (including governance)

Colin DippleColin Dipple
Responsible for: Member engagement

Roger EvansRoger Evans
Responsible for: Future organisation (including governance)
New stadium project management

David_GrownsDavid Growns
Responsible for: Liaison with Kingstonian FC
Online membership processing
Communications (including email and IT matters)

Nigel Higgs
Responsible for: Future organisation (including governance)
FSF safe standing campaign
London Living Wage

Tim Hillyer photoTim Hillyer
Responsible for: TBC

Jane Lonsdale photoJane Lonsdale
Responsible for: The Trust’s Webjam
Junior Dons

Sean_McLaughlinSean McLaughlin (Treasurer)
Responsible for: Future organisation (including governance)

Charles Williams (Co-opted Sept 2017)


Responsible for: Youth engagement

The board is supported by a Secretariat including:

placeholder_imageTom Brown

placeholder_imageMichael Hayes Minutes

David_ReevesDavid Reeves

Hannah Kitcher Minutes/communications

The Dons Trust’s Membership Secretary is John Stembridge (

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