Our board

The Dons Trust Board runs the Trust and is elected by its members.

Meet the current Dons Trust Board members here.

Elections to the board take place every year.

The board usually meets once a month and minutes of its meetings are published, along with regular summaries of their discussions.

For 2018, the board has arranged itself into five committees. These are as follows:

  1. Oversight Committee – representing the Trust at monthly Football Club Board meetings and ensuring there is day-to-day liaison between the two boards.
  2. Strategy & Organisation Committee – looking at how the Trust’s structure needs to evolve to remain fit for purpose as the club moves and grows. Updating the Trust’s constitution.
  3. Engagement & Communications Committee – making sure fans understand how much of a difference they can make by belonging to the Trust and also to ensure that we communicate effectively with you.
  4. Operations Committee –  responsible for making sure the Trust’s operations function smoothly, including membership, ICT etc. and includes supporting the Secretariat.
  5. Stadium Project Oversight Committee.

Read a full explanation for this way of working from trust Chair, Mark Davis and don’t forget to meet your Board members and find out what committees they are working on.

Page last updated February 19, 2018