Why your vote really matters in May

Dons Trust Secretary David Hall explains why a resolution for the Dons Trust Special General Meeting next month matters to every fan, and why it is essential for our return to Merton.

Last summer , the Dons Trust Board (DTB) consulted with DT members about a proposed Community Share offer, a new way of raising funds for major capital projects. The income raised by the scheme was to be mostly earmarked to keep The Cherry Red Records Stadium up to..

AGM – Update on Resolution 10

Further to the Dons Trust Board meeting on Monday evening and subsequent announcement on the DT website, there has been a further analysis of the constitution and related information.

The Dons Trust Board has been advised by the Secretary that, in the light of that analysis, Resolution 10 be withdrawn at the AGM on Thursday evening 13 December.

In its place the Dons Trust Board does still wish to have a debate on the substantive issue ‘what can we do..