October’s board meeting summary

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) held its monthly meeting at The Cherry Red Records Stadium on Monday, October 17. Ahead of publication of the redacted minutes, this article summarises the main points that were discussed.

As usual, the start of the meeting was joined by Erik Samuelson, club chief executive, to talk through issues relating to the club. The first topic covered was progress with the new stadium, where Erik gave an update on progress with both the Section 106..

Summary of October DTB meeting

This month’s Dons Trust Board meeting was held on Thursday 10 October 2013.

With the Club’s ambition to return to a new stadium in Merton gathering momentum following the recent joint Galliard/AFC Wimbledon submission to Merton Council, inevitably most of this month’s meeting focused on that one topic.

The Football Club Board had invited representatives from the stadium architects to the meeting to brief the DT Board on the latest design proposals. Their detailed and highly-professional presentation was followed by an..

Summary of September DTB meeting

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) held its monthly meeting on Monday 9 September.

The first item of business was the approval of the minutes for 7 August’s meeting.  Some of the detail in these minutes has had to be redacted because of  the commercial nature of the discussions, particularly around the stadium proposals.   The amended minutes will be published shortly on the DT website.

Club Chief Executive, Erik Samuelson, then gave the regular monthly report of the Football Club Board..

Welcome Back! says DT Chairman Matt Breach (from the Wycombe programme)

Dons Trust Board chair Matthew Breach summarises what the trust has been up to during the summer and what’s coming up over the next few months.

On behalf of the Dons Trust Board I’d like to welcome back to The Cherry Red Records Stadium all our members and fans for this first home league game after the summer break. I’d also like to give a warm welcome to our opponents today, fellow supporters-owned club Wycombe Wanderers. Any side that is..

Summary of July DTB meeting

The Dons Trust Board held its monthly meeting on Thursday 11 July.

First on the agenda this month was a question and answer session with Club first team manager Neal Ardley. This covered a wide range of issues, including Neal’s perspective on last season and what he had learnt most from the experience; the summer’s recruitment plans; the style of play for next season and how the squad was adapting to it; the long-term benefits that..

Summary of DTB meeting 9 May

The Dons Trust Board held its monthly meeting on Thursday 9 May.

The first main item on the agenda was an update on the discussions regarding the new stadium development in Merton.  AFC Wimbledon Chief Executive, Erik Samuelson and the club’s stadium adviser, Andrew Williams, provided an update to Board members on the current status of discussions and agreement was sought from the Board on the club’s position on a selection of key issues.  The timetable for raising funds following the success..

Summary of January DTB Meeting

 The Dons Trust Board held its January meeting on Thursday 10 January.

Firstly, and following the 2012 AGM held on 13 December, the DTB reappointed Matthew Breach as Chairman, David Growns as Vice-Chairman, and Sean McLaughlin as Treasurer. Following the recent election process, Kris Stewart was welcomed back as a board member, together with Mick Buckley, who has been invited to fill the casual board vacancy. AFC Wimbledon Chief Executive, Erik Samuelson, presented the latest Football Club Board report, and..

Mick Buckley joins DT Board

Following the recent election process, the Board welcomes back Kris Stewart as a board member.

Also joining the Board is Mick Buckley, who has been invited to fill the casual board vacancy. Mick has been a supporter for 37 years.  He grew up in Wimbledon and attended his first game against Grantham in 1974, having been offered a free season ticket at school. He has been a season ticket holder in the Paul Strank stand since the birth of AFC..

Summary of DTB meeting 8 October

The Dons Trust Board held its monthly meeting on Monday, 8 October, which included the subject of appointing our new first-team manager Neal Ardley.

The meeting was held on the same day as the final interviews for the club’s new first-team manager, and the Board was joined by members of the Football Club Board (Erik Samuelson, Ivor Heller, Nigel Higgs and David Charles).

There was a detailed and robust discussion between the two boards about the selection process, the relative..