Changes to the Dons Trust secretariat

Dons Trust chair Matthew Breach has news of recent changes to the make-up of the secretariat, which provides essential support to the Dons Trust Board.

The Dons Trust recently advertised for people to fill roles within the secretariat, the body of volunteers who support the Dons Trust Board in undertaking its work in the areas of governance, compliance, organisation and communication.

The secretariat is led by the Dons Trust Secretary, a post that had been filled very capably by Rob..

The Dons Trust membership survey

One of the roles of Dons Trust Board member Matt Spriegel is to encourage membership among fans in the 16–35 age group. Here he has details of the upcoming membership survey.

In the coming days, the Dons Trust will be sending out our membership survey to all existing members, as well as posting it on the Trust’s Twitter feed and on the club’s Twitter feed, in order to make sure that as many Dons fans as possible – Trust members..