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The Dons Trust is the not-for-profit, democratic organisation that owns AFC Wimbledon football club.

The Dons Trust Board are elected by members to run the Trust and are always keen to hear from members. Talk with us on a matchday at the Dons Trust kiosk (behind the South [Movers End] Stand). You can also contact us via this website or post a question on the DT forum on Proboards (members only – separate registration required.)

As well as hearing members’ opinions at home matches (DTB members are present before each men’s home match at the kiosk behind the South (Movers) Stand), during regular general meetings, one-off events and consultations.


  1. Is the webjam still a thing? link is broken. i’ve heard about Pro Boards (?) but i’ve no idea what it is or where I find it. This is the sort of thing you should clarify on the website and promote to members.

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