Appeal from the Dons Trust Chair

There are just a few days left for Dons Trust members to cast their vote in the second round of voting on the sale of Kingsmeadow. I urge you, if you are a member of the Dons Trust and haven’t yet voted in the second round, to make sure you cast your vote.

Members will be aware that the first round of voting had an 86% turnout, with 98% of those who took part voting in favour. We were very pleased by those figures. They showed us – and everyone else with an interest in our proposals – that Dons Trust members clearly back AFC Wimbledon moving to a new stadium in Wimbledon.

We need to make sure that you send us a strong message in the second round of voting too. Please do not be complacent about this. If you voted the first time, please make sure you vote a second time. And if, for whatever reason, you didn’t vote the first time around, then please vote this time anyway.

All members should have received their voting invitation – either by post or by email.  If you haven’t, please email the Dons Trust Secretary urgently. You have until 7.30pm this Saturday (14 November) to cast your proxy vote. Otherwise, you can come along to the meeting on 16 November to vote in person.

The Dons Trust board recommends that members vote in favour of the motion authorising the sale of Kingsmeadow. If we do not sell Kingsmeadow, then we cannot afford a new stadium in Merton.

Matthew Breach
Dons Trust Chair