Our elected board

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) runs the Trust and is elected by the Trust’s members. The DTB and Football Club Board (FCB) work closely to give the Trust and the club unified, strategic leadership and direction.

There is a clear line of accountability running from the football club’s directors, through the club’s CEO, and up to the fully elected DTB which is, in turn, accountable to the membership as a whole. Discover more about our corporate structure.

The role of the DTB is to set and agree the club’s strategic direction and to scrutinise the performance of the FCB.

The DTB consists of nine elected members (plus currently an additional co-opted member). The Chair and Vice Chair are both responsible for representing the Trust at monthly Football Club Board meetings and for the day-to-day liaison between the two boards.

The board usually meets once a month and minutes of board meetings are published, along with regular summaries of their discussions.

The Dons Trust Board is supported by a number of working groups, outlined below. We rely on the support of our fans. Get in touch via volunteerofficer@afcwimbledon.ltd.uk if you would like to find out about how you could get involved.

Dons Trust Board Structure

Board members are listed below in alphabetical order. Each board member has a specific area of responsibility for 2019, which focus specifically on the priorities we agreed as a board at the beginning of the year. 

You can meet board members on matchdays at the Dons Trust kiosk, or at one of the general meetings held throughout the year. You can also pose direct questions to the board via The Trust Webjam or by emailing a particular member of the board using the email address alongside their name below.

2019/20 board members

Mark_DavisMark Davis (Chair)

Elected: December 2019 (for 2 years)
Core responsibilities: Chairing board meetings & Dons Trust general meetings, stadium oversight, FCB oversight and succession planning, Dons Trust volunteers

Tim Hillyer

Tim Hillyer

Elected: December 2019 (for 2 years)

Core responsibilities: TBC

Anna KingsleyAnna Kingsley

Elected: December 2018 (for 2 years)
Core responsibilities: Reviewing long-term strategy, succession planning

Hannah KitcherHannah Kitcher

Elected: December 2018 (for 2 years)
Core responsibilities: Improving the online dialogue with members, reviewing the Dons Trust website and the board’s IT

Ed LeekEd Leek

Elected: December 2019 (for 2 years)
Core responsibilities: Financial oversight

Jane Lonsdale photoJane Lonsdale

Elected: December 2019 (for 2 years)
Core responsibilities: Oversight of Diversity & Inclusion and Junior Dons working groups, safeguarding

Luke MackenzieLuke Mackenzie

Elected: December 2018 (for 2 years)
Core responsibilities: Stadium consultation and oversight of an annual survey of members and the wider fanbase

Graham Stacey

Graham Stacey

Elected: December 2019 (for 2 years)
Core responsibilities: TBC

Anne Williams

Anne Williams

Elected: December 2018 (for 1 year)
Core responsibilities: TBC

The board is supported by a Secretariat including:

David Growns, Dons Trust Secretary David Growns
Secretary, and working with Hannah on the Trust’s IT

placeholder_imageMukesh Desai Treasurer

placeholder_imageRoger Edmonds-Brown Minutes

placeholder_imageTerry Langford Minutes

The Dons Trust’s membership secretary is John Stembridge (membership@thedonstrust.org).