Our elected board

The Dons Trust Board (DTb) runs the Dons Trust and is currently made up of eight people elected by the Trust’s members The board is entitled to co-opt up to three further members, to help with its work and to add diversity, skills and experience.

As well as ensuring the Dons Trust is run according to the decisions and aspirations of members, the role of the DTb is to set and embed the culture, mission and strategic direction of the trust and club, in consultation with members, and to ensure that AFC Wimbledon is managed to achieve that direction. The DTb appoints the operational board (the board of AFCW PLC) and is represented on that board. It also approves annual budgets and significant investment decisions.

The board usually meets once a month and minutes of board meetings are published, along with regular summaries of the discussions. The board also produces a monthly newsletter which is emailed to members.

The board takes collective responsibility for its work. All board members are engaged together in consulting, agreeing, monitoring and updating our strategic direction. The rest of the board’s work is organised into theme groups, as below. Each group has terms of reference and membership agreed by the full board. Any significant proposals or recommendations come to the full board for discussion and decision.

Board members are listed below. Each board member plays a part in at least two of the theme groups and individual responsibilities are agreed within the groups.

We hold at least three members’ meetings a year – all at our stadium of course. There are other events organised (online and in-person) where you can chat to board members – keep an eye on the website and the Dons Trust twitter @TheDonsTrust . A couple of board members are on hand at the Dons Trust kiosk (behind the Movers stand, in the fan zone) before home matches. You can share your thoughts by email to info@thedonstrust.org or with an individual board member using the addresses below, and members can engage on the Dons Trust ProBoards forum, with fellow members and the board.

2022/23 Board members

Michele Little

Michele Little (Chair and Treasurer)

(chair@thedonstrust.org, michele.little@thedonstrust.org or treasurer@thedonstrust.org)

Elected: December 2021 (for 2 years)


Graeme Price (Vice Chair)


Elected: December 2022 (for 2 years)


Chris Philips


Elected: December 2022 (for 1 year)


James Macdonald


Elected: December 2022 (for 2 years)


Kevin Rye


Elected: December 2022 (for 2 years)


Mark Lewis


Elected: December 2022 (for 2 years)


Richard Shepherd



Portrait photo of Ed Leek

Edward Leek


Casual Vacancy: Until December 2023

Anuk Teasdale


Coopted: Until December 2023


Angus Fox


Coopted: Until December 2023



Chair – Kevin Rye

Other DTb members – Chris Philips, Mark Lewis, Michele Little

Member Services & Engagement:

Chair – James Macdonald

Other DTb members – Chris Philips, Kevin Rye, Mark Lewis, Richard Shepherd

Culture & Mission:

Chair – Richard Shepherd

Other DTb members – Graeme Price, James Macdonald, Kris Stewart


Chair – Kris Stewart

Other DTb members – Graeme Price, Michele Little, Richard Shepherd

Other / included responsibilities:

Chris Philips: D&I group rep, Women’s board rep

Graeme Price: PLC board rep

Kevin Rye: First-team (men and women) programme DT copy co-ordinator

Mark Lewis: Honours committee rep, DTb newsletter coordinator, cross-body calendar co-ordinator

Michele Little: DT treasurer, PLC board rep, DT liaison with AFC Wimbledon Foundation, WiSH and DLAG

James Macdonald: PLC board rep

The board is supported by a Secretariat including:

Martin Newton

Martin Newton

Conor Daly

Conor Daly Minutes

Roger Edmonds-Brown Minutes

The Dons Trust’s membership secretary is John Stembridge (membership@thedonstrust.org).