New minority investor – FAQs

Further to the stadium announcement on 28 May, The Dons Trust have produced a FAQ document seeking to answer your questions about our new minority investor and how the share sale affects ownership and control of AFC Wimbledon.

In short, Nick Robertson has purchased 10% of AFCW PLC and 10% of the votes in AFCW PLC. The Dons Trust remains in control with more than 75% of the voting rights. The money raised by the share sale – alongside the..

The Dons Trust logoThe Dons Trust Board is seeking a Treasurer

The Trust’s Treasurer, Mukesh Desai, has decided to stand down, owing to the conflicting pressures of his day-job and performing the role of Treasurer. The board wishes to extend its thanks to Mukesh for the valuable work he has performed for us over the past year. Mukesh has kindly agreed to remain in post for a few more weeks until the Trust’s year-end accounts have been prepared.

The Trust’s board wishes to recruit a suitably qualified Treasurer to replace Mukesh…

Plough Lane Bond remains open

As work continues at Plough Lane, the Plough Lane Bond is being kept open.

With more than £5.1m in the bank, the Bond organisers are keeping applications open and encouraging existing applicants who haven’t yet completed their purchase to do so.

Whilst the vast majority of bonds have been completed, there are still 134 applicants for bonds totalling over £200,000 who have yet to finalise their purchases. They are urged to contact the bond team and do so before the..

Extra-time for Junior Dons to vote for Player of the Year award

The deadline for the Junior Dons Player of the Year (JD POTY) has now been extended until 31 May.

Recognising that it is unclear when the season will finish, we are giving JDs more time to cast a vote, so young Wimbledon supporters that haven’t so far voted have extra-time to do so!

To help you decide which player to vote for, take a look at the video below.

Please note that any player who has played in a..

The Dons Trust logoAn update from the Dons Trust Board – April 2020

To follow on from Chair, Mark Davis’ update on behalf of the Dons Trust Board  on 23 March, we would like to reassure fans that the Dons Trust Board is still meeting monthly to ensure oversight of the Club. We have now transitioned to holding these virtually.  We continue to meet with CEO, Joe Palmer, regularly (now remotely) who has provided an update on the key issues and decisions affecting our club during these unprecedented and worrying times. A summary of the key points discussed at this month’s meeting is included at the end of this update.  


Haydon Womble Happy Birthday Junior DonsHappy Birthday, Junior Dons!

The Club and Trust would like to wish Happy Birthday to all the Junior Dons who have turned a year older since our last home game (against Bolton Wanderers on March 7).

Junior Dons would usually get a birthday shoutout on Haydon’s page in the matchday programme but, with games currently suspended, we’re conscious that some will miss out. So, for all Junior Dons with birthdays from mid-March until the end of May, we’d like to wish you a very..

The Dons Trust logoCOVID-19 – a message from the Dons Trust Board

With the onset of COVID-19, we have entered a situation that none of us have encountered before in this country. Our thoughts are with those people who catch this illness, and those people who are worried about COVID-19 not only for themselves but for friends and family too. The current crisis will have major consequences for the way we live our lives over the coming weeks or months and, for the economy, potentially quite a lot longer.

Dons Trust members..

The Dons Trust logoAFCW PLC AGM & Dons Trust SGM on 19 MARCH

The AFCW PLC AGM will go ahead but the Dons Trust SGM is postponed.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the suspension of football matches and the EFL’s instruction to clubs to suspend fan meetings and other non-essential business, the boards of the Dons Trust and AFCW PLC have been discussing whether to proceed with the Dons Trust SGM and AFCW PLC AGM scheduled for 19 March.

The two boards have agreed to postpone the Dons Trust SGM but to..

The letterbox challenge

Dons Trust Board member Anna Kingsley describes some of the hurdles and highlights of working behind the scenes to promote the Plough Lane Bond.

Mention the words “brush” and “letterbox” and you’ll trigger a visceral sense of frustration – hatred, even – in some people who are here today. Those fans are part of the army of volunteers who have been spreading word of the Plough Lane Bond, one leaflet at a time. Worse than the rain and the wind,..