Golden Goals

The Golden Goals is an incidental lottery, which takes place at most AFC Wimbledon home matches. It is run for the benefit of the Dons Trust – the not-for-profit society through which AFC Wimbledon supporters own our football club.


Latest result

Match number 004:  AFC Wimbledon versus Shrewsbury Town on 14 September 2019

1st prize (£100): Own goal any player any minute (Claimed)

2nd prize (£25): Substitute, any minute (Unclaimed)

Deadline for claiming: 28 September 2019

Previous results

Match number 003:  AFC Wimbledon versus Wycombe Wanderers on 17 August 2019

1st prize (£100): Nil nil result (Claimed)

2nd prize (£25): No second prize

Deadline for claiming: Prize for this game has been claimed


Match number 002:  AFC Wimbledon versus Accrington Stanley on 17 August 2019

1st prize (£100): Own goal any player any minute (Unclaimed)

2nd prize (£25): Player 9 Minute 63 Claimed

Deadline for claiming: Expired


Match number 001:  AFC Wimbledon versus Rotherham on 3 August 2019

1st prize (£100): Player 5 Minute 29 Claimed

2nd prize (£25): Player 11 Minute 50 Claimed

Deadline for claiming: Both prizes for this game have been claimed.


How it works

The lottery takes the form of a scratch-card that anyone attending home matches can buy for £1.

On the ticket are two areas for you to scratch off – a player number and a minute number. If both the player number (numbers 1-11 based on the order players are on the team sheet – not squad number) and the minute (the minute the goal is scored within, not how many have passed since kick-off) both match the first or second goals (for either side) in the game, then you win a prize.

Own goals and nil-nil results have standalone tickets. Only one prize will be awarded if there is a nil-nil result or single goal in the match.

If there are two own goals within a match, the first own goal and therefore prize will be awarded to the person with the own-goal ticket. For the second own goal, it will be announced as per the usual method – by minute the second own goal was scored within, and by the player number it was scored by.

Prizes can be awarded to “near misses” (please see Unclaimed prizes – “near misses” below) after 14 days if the exact winning ticket(s) are not presented, so hold onto your ticket!

The match number on the ticket will help you remember which match your ticket is from. 

Minutes 45 and 90 include any stoppage time in the first and second halves.

Cup games (when Golden Goals are run on those occasions) that are goalless after normal time will be treated as nil-nil results.

The organisers will determine the scorer and minute, and their determination on all matters relating to the running of Golden Goals will be final.


To date, Golden Goals has raised over £200,000 for the Dons Trust, and is an enduring and popular part of our fundraising effort. At a time when the Trust is working hard to return AFC Wimbledon to its rightful home in Merton, every ticket sold is making a difference to this goal.

The Dons Trust is grateful to Chemflow Environmental Ltd. for their sponsorship of Golden Goals during the 2019/20 season.


How to claim a prize

The goals and winning ticket details will be announced over the public address during and at the end of the match, as well as being advertised here and in subsequent matchday programmes.

If you have a winning ticket, please go to the Press box in the Main Stand after the match. Alternatively, email or speak to a Golden Goal seller at a subsequent match, no later than 14 days after the match date.


Unclaimed prizes – “near misses”

If a prize remains unclaimed 14 days after a match, we will award the prize(s) to a “near miss” ticket. This will be decided as follows:

  • tickets with the same player number, showing a minute within two minutes either side of that when it was scored, will be considered. For example, if a goal is scored in minute 67, then we would consider tickets for 66 and 68 minutes, and then tickets for minutes 65 and 69, if required. If both tickets are submitted (i.e. 66 & 68, or 65 & 69), then the prize will be shared.
  • The procedure is modified for a winning ticket in minutes 1, 2, 89 and 90. For example, if a goal is scored in minute 89, we would consider minutes 90 and 88, then 87, and then 86. 
  • Where a nil-nil match or an own goal ticket occurs, and if the person with the relevant standalone ticket does not claim the prize, that prize will be donated to the AFC Wimbledon Foundation.
  • Similarly, any other prizes which remain unclaimed after the near miss procedure, within the 14 day time-frame, will also be donated to the AFC Wimbledon Foundation.

The organisers reserve the right to change the procedures for allocating unclaimed prizes.