The Dons Trust – or to give it its full name the Wimbledon Football Club Supporters’ Society Limited – is an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS).

As such it is registered with the Mutual Societies team of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), formerly the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Under the rules of the FCA, a Society must have a set of rules. These must state clearly what the Society is allowed to do and not do. It is very important that the constitution (rules), and any changes made to it, allow the Dons Trust Board to manage effectively.

Under the rules of the FCA, a Society may amend its constitution by either registering a complete amendment of the rules or a partial amendment. Since the Dons Trust was set up there have been several changes to the rules. These were made at the following meetings:

  • December 2003 Annual General Meeting
  • September 2005 Special General Meeting
  • January 2008 Annual General Meeting
  • October 2008 Special General Meeting
  • May 2013 Special General Meeting
  • September 2013 Special General Meeting
  • December 2020 Annual General Meeting
  • December 2022 Annual General Meeting
  • April 2023 Special General Meeting
  • November 2023 Special General Meeting


Download a copy of the current constitution



Page last updated May 2023.