Our corporate structure

The Dons Trust owns AFC Wimbledon football club – but the precise way that we own it has evolved over the years. There’s now a slightly complex number of subsidiary companies.

This page tries to explain it. Ultimately, it’s our members who remain in control.

  • The Trust’s individual members collectively own the Trust.
  • The Trust owns more than 75% of the votes in another company called AFCW plc. (The remaining votes in AFCW plc belong to individual shareholders who bought shares during two share issues – the first in 2003 and the second – not yet formally issued – in 2019.)
  • AFCW plc then owns four different subsidiary companies, each of which have specific roles within the organisation.

No individual has a significant interest in either The Dons Trust or AFCW plc.

Dons Trust corporate structure

Note: since this diagram was created, AFCW Stadium now holds the short-term lease of Kingsmeadow Stadium instead of the long-term lease.

Individual members of our elected board also serve on the boards of some of our subsidiaries, alongside Football Club Board members and other individuals.

AFCW plc was formed by a share issue in 2003 which enabled the club to raise enough money to buy Kingsmeadow. In summer 2019, a second share issue raised further money to help fund the development of our new stadium in Plough Lane. The Trust owns more than 75% of the votes in AFCW plc, ensuring it remains in control of the club. The remainder of the shares in the plc are owned by individual shareholders.

The current directors of AFCW plc are: Mick Buckley, Mark Davis, Jane Lonsdale, Anna Kingsley, Edward Leek, Iain McNay, Joe Palmer. The company secretary is David Charles.

AFC Wimbledon Limited is the football club. Day-to-day running of the football club is done by the Football Club Board. The Trust board appoints the club’s Chief Executive – Joe Palmer was appointed chief executive in April 2019. Other directors on the Football Club Board are nominated by the chief executive and approved by the Dons Trust Board.

The current directors of AFC Wimbledon Limited are: Joe Palmer (Chief Executive) and David Charles (Secretary and Operations Director).

AFCW Stadium Limited used to own the long-term lease that enabled the club to play at Kingsmeadow. Since we have sold the lease to Chelsea FC, it is now the company that holds the groundshare agreement with Chelsea FC that enables AFC Wimbledon to play there.

The current directors of AFCW Stadium Limited are: Joe Palmer and Tom Rawcliffe. The company secretary is David Charles.

The Wider Interests of Football Limited is the company that owns the freehold to the land that our new stadium is being built on, and the emerging stadium itself!

The current directors of The Wider Interests of Football Limited are: Mark Davis, Joe Palmer and Luke Mackenzie. The company secretary is David Charles.

AFC Wimbledon Ladies FC Limited is the company that runs AFC Wimbledon Ladies. The girls’ section remains in a separate organisation, not a direct subsidiary of the club.

The current directors of AFC Wimbledon Ladies FC Limited are: Debbie Francis, David Growns, Dennis Lowndes and Mike Richardson.


AFC Wimbledon Foundation is an independent charity that uses the club’s name to deliver projects on sport, health, inclusion and education in the local community.