Our corporate structure

The Dons Trust owns and controls our football club. This page explains the legal structure underpinning that ownership and control. 

This page tries to explain it. Ultimately, it’s our members who remain in control.

  • The Trust’s members collectively own the Trust.
  • The Trust owns shares which control more than 75% of the votes in what’s called the “holding” company, AFCW PLC. (The remaining votes in AFCW PLC belong to individual shareholders who have bought shares since AFCW PLC was launched in 2003.)
  • Our 75%+ ownership means we appoint the directors of AFCW PLC and we can change its rules (and even its name!) through a “special resolution”*
  • AFCW PLC owns 100% of five subsidiary companies, each of which has a specific role within the organisation.

No individual has a significant interest in either The Dons Trust or AFCW plc.

In December 2022, at the Dons Trust’s annual members’ meeting, we agreed that in future the boards of all companies apart from AFC Wimbledon Women Ltd would have the same membership. That is, currently (in alphabetical order):

Mick Buckley (AFC Wimbledon chair)

Michele Little (representing the DTB)

Iain McNay (representing minority shareholders)

Graeme Price (representing the DTB)

Nick Robertson (representing minority shareholders)

James Macdonald (representing the DTB)

These companies all have David Charles as company secretary.

AFC Wimbledon Women Ltd is the company that runs AFC Wimbledon Women.  

The current directors of AFC Wimbledon Women Limited are: Sophia Axelsson, David Growns, Karen Hardy, Tamsin Parlour and Hannah Kitcher (representing the DTB) 

Sophia Axelsson is also the club’s General Manager.

Go to the AFCW Women official website to find out more.

AFCW PLC was formed in 2003 to raise funds for the purchase of the long leasehold interest in Kingsmeadow, while retaining at least 75%+1 of the voting strength with the Dons Trust. Over the years, this has brought almost nine and a quarter million pounds into the club, most recently allowing us to complete our move back home to Plough Lane.  

The AFCW PLC board is the operational board, overseeing the running of the football club. Day-to-day stadium and commercial operations are led by our Managing Director (MD), with men’s football led by Head of Football Operations Craig Cope and First-team Manager Johnnie Jackson and our Academy by Manager Michael Hamilton. They are supported by other senior leaders and in turn by the staff and volunteers. 

AFCW PLC minutes are published regularly via the AFCW PLC section on the club website.

AFC Wimbledon Ltdholds the football club registrations.  

The Wider Interests of Football Ltdis the company that owns the land and stadium at Plough Lane. 

AFCW Stadium Ltdis now dormant. It used to own the leasehold interest at Kingsmeadow, before we sold that stadium and moved back to Plough Lane.