Get involved

There are many ways you get involved and support the Dons Trust vision: to maintain supporter ownership of a successful, financially stable, professional football club playing at the heart of our communities. You can: 

  1. Join the Trust and become a part-owner of AFC Wimbledon, with the same stake in the club as all other Trust members.
  2. Attend any of our meetings scheduled throughout the year – there are Special General Meetings (SGMs) and the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held once a year to keep informed on important club and Trust matters, meet the elected board members, and ask questions and raise any issues or concerns.
  3. Talk with us on a matchday at the Dons Trust kiosk (behind the South [Movers End] Stand). You can also contact us via this website or post a question on the DT forum on Proboards (members only – separate registration required.)
  4. Stand for election to be a member of the Dons Trust Board.
  5. Volunteer your time to help the Dons Trust achieve its aims. There are opportunities to support the Secretariat and the various steering groups that support the running of the Trust. Get in touch to discuss the opportunities available.
  6. Support the Trust financially by playing Golden Goals on matchdays.
  7. Support the AFC Wimbledon Academy by playing the Dons Draw.