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This page contains information related to the 2019 Dons Trust Board election. Information is presented in reverse chronological order, with the most recent updates first.

The counting of the votes cast in the 2019 election for the Dons Trust Board has taken place. The number of votes cast for each candidate is as follows:

Graham Stacey    493

Tim Hillyer           547

Mark Davis           670

Dennis Lowndes  455

Edward Leek        590

Jane Lonsdale      736

Mark Sturges       306

Anne Williams    470

The two-year terms of five Dons Trust Board members end this year. However, Rob Crane, a continuing member, has resigned from the Dons Trust Board with immediate effect, approximately midway through his two-year term. A few years ago, when another Dons Trust Board member resigned midway through their term, the vacancy was filled by the candidate next in the poll after the members elected for the full two years. The Election Steering Group has decided to follow this precedent.

Therefore, the following candidates are elected for a two-year term:

Jane Lonsdale

Mark Davis

Edward Leek

Tim Hillyer

Graham Stacey

The following candidate is elected for a one-year term:

Anne Williams

Ballots issued: 3384

Votes cast: 1019

Turnout: 30%

October 30 #1: the running order for the 9yrs Podcast’s live election interviews is announced. The interviews will take place on Sunday 3 November.

October 30 #2: the date of this year’s AGM, when the result of the election will be officially announced, has been set for Monday 9 December. Originally scheduled for the following day, it has been moved to avoid a potential clash with another event. Where it appears on this page, the date has been updated.

October 25: the 2019 election section has now been added to the Dons Trust Webjam! You can use it to ask the candidates questions, whether it’s a question for one or for all of them.

Are you a Trust member who’s not on Webjam? Send an email to and we’ll give you access. (It may take a few days to respond, depending on volunteer availability.)

October 23: the candidate statements have now been sent to members but you can also read the candidate statements online.

Ballot papers will be sent out to members on or about Sunday 3 November. 

The order in which the candidates appear on the ballot was drawn by Neil Springate of The Fulham Supporters Trust, our independent observer. The statements are in the reverse order.

Please note that there are five vacancies and that you can vote for up to five candidates. Any ballot form completed with more than five candidates will be invalid.

Voting will close on Saturday 23 November at 14:45hrs, with the result formally declared at the AGM on Monday 9 December (although the result will be announced as soon as it is available).

Members are reminded that they can vote for up to five candidates.

October 19: the candidates’ mini manifestos were published in the matchday programme for the game against Portsmouth. Read the candidates’ mini manifestos (PDF).

October 10: the list of candidates is announced:

  • Edward Leek
  • Dennis Lowndes
  • Mark Davis
  • Mark Sturges
  • Tim Hillyer
  • Graham Stacey
  • Jane Lonsdale
  • Anne Williams

Members of the Dons Trust Board are elected to serve for two years and this year the term has come to an end for five board members. There are therefore five vacancies to be filled and this Announcement of Election formally starts the election process.

If you wish to stand, you will need to complete a nomination form.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the updated rules for the 2019 election.

Election timetable 

  • Nominations open Saturday 14 September 2019
  • Nominations close Saturday 5 October 2019
  • Manifestos published as soon as possible after 7 October 2019
  • Candidates can begin campaigning when manifestos sent out
  • Live video interviews with candidates (optional) on Sunday 3 November
  • Voting forms sent to members around 4 November 2019
  • Closing date for voting 14:45 Saturday 23 November 2019
  • Result announced as soon as possible after counting
  • Formal announcement of result at Dons Trust AGM on Monday 9 December 2019