Dons Trust AGM This Thursday

The AGM of The Dons Trust and AFCW plc., the company through which we own our Club, is to be held this Thursday, 13 December, at the Cherry Red Records Stadium, starting at 7.30pm in the Back Bar.

Apart from the usual “housekeeping” issues and reporting back on the out-turn of the election process there will be a chance to quiz DTB and FCB members on the accounts and an other issues that members wish to raise.

There will also be three areas where feedback from members is required and resolutions have been tabled:

  • increasing the DT’s shareholding in AFCW plc to 90%
  • aligning the DT’s community work with the Club’s proposed charity organisation, and
  • a discussion of the issues around significant donors contributors to the club and Trust and what if any benefits might be made available to them.

On the last point, there has been some feedback to the DT Board from members voicing concern over aspects of the specific resolution about directorships and its supporting paperwork. The DTB understands the issues raised and recognises that any actual proposed implementation would require significant work to define in detail what could be offered and how it would be managed. The intent behind the resolution was to focus minds on the issue of “what can we do to raise new funds to help us be competitive as a league club, whilst remaining a fans owned club as strongly directed by our membership?“. We are committed to having that debate at the AGM and beyond and will continue to engage members on any proposals that emerge from the debate.

I hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend the meeting, and contribute to what should be a lively evening.

Matt Breach
Chair, Dons Trust Board