March Dons Draw Result

The March Dons Draw took place on 15 March at Kingsmeadow – and we are again paying out a massive £2,075 this month in prizes!

Winning numbers were drawn in the presence of Erik Samuelson (AFC Wimbledon CEO), Neil Messenbird (Dons Draw Administrator) and Chris Atkinson (Club Office Administrator).

The winning ticket numbers and prizes for this draw are:

  •  1st prize of £1000 – ticket 1893 – V O’Shaughnessy – SL6
  • 2nd prize of £500 – ticket 2118 – Christine Rogowska – TN16
  • 3rd prize of £250 – ticket 3010 – Mick Buckley – SM2
  • 4th prize of £150 – ticket 0173 – D Canham – SW19
  • 5th prize of £100 – ticket 3846 – Philip Whitehead – RG27
  • 6th prize of £75 – ticket 0557 – A Cameron – KT5

Congratulations to all six prize winners.

The next Dons Draw will take place on or around the 15 April 2013, with the results being posted on the AFC Wimbledon official website soon after the draw has taken place.

If you want a chance of winning one of these prizes, but, still haven’t entered, or if you have already entered the draw but would like to increase your chances of winning by taking a few more numbers, then why not do so now?

You can sign up online to the Dons Draw or download an application, or to increase your tickets please email

The deadline for new entrants to the April 2013 Dons Draw is 8pm on 31 March.

Any questions? Contact the Dons Draw team at or try our online FAQs.