‘The Spirit of Wimbledon’ – feedback from fans

DT logoIn the Morecambe matchday programme Matt Breach, Chairman of the Dons Trust, wrote about behaviour by a minority of fans that was putting at risk our reputation as a family-friendly club, and how the DT and Football Club boards – with your help – propose to tackle it.

The article was also posted on the AFC Wimbledon website and you can read it here. 

Matt asked for feedback from fans, a brief summary of which is published below.


In support of the article

  • Glad you are taking this on as an issue…this is not what I pay to hear and is both disappointing and upsetting.  Announcements might help target those responsible if that is possible during the game.
  • Great article, a tough issue but great we address it head on. Can I suggest an SMS short code so fans can send a text in real time to a steward who can within 5 minutes come to an area so that the situation can be monitored. This will get more fans involved with self-policing.
  • Quite frankly, if their actions can cost the club in any way, we don’t want them. If they are identified, they should be banned.
  • I was very pleased to see the robust statement about unacceptable behaviour by a minority of fans. I took my nine-year-old grandson to a home match last season: we were in the standing area. It was a very unsavoury experience and I have not taken him to a game since.
  • I completely agree with the tone of the article and that self-policing is one way forward.
  • For me this is a more important issue, regarding the long-term future of our club, than whether we fight off relegation and I expect the club to do everything to ensure that such reported inappropriate behaviour is effectively combated.
    Agreed, there is nothing wrong with passionate supporters, but whether football is still a “working class” game is debateable and I think any implication that the reported misbehaviours are acceptable, and even an inherent part of being “working class” is mistaken.

Opposed to the article

  • Are we turning this club into a wishy-washy liberal middle class institution which will have an affiliation with the All England Tennis Club? Football is a working class game. Supporters will be passionate and there is nothing wrong with that.

Fan feedback is still very welcome. You can post your comments here. Or email the DT Board at secretariat@thedonstrust.org.