Summary of June DTB meeting

DT logoThe Dons Trust Board held its monthly meeting on Monday 17 June, chaired by Vice-Chairman David Growns.

The first substantive item on the agenda was an update on the AFC Wimbledon budget for the 2013/14 season.   Club Chief Executive Erik Samuelson took the Board through the revenue and capital budgets for the year.  The key items for discussion were how to treat the Dons Draw money and the treatment of ‘We Are Wimbledon Fund’ money in the accounts.

A discussion was also held on the proposed capital budget for the year, how this would be funded and the resulting impact on the cashflow.  Capital items were broadly split into committed items, essential items and desirable / ‘nice to have’ items.

There then followed an update on other Football Club Board matters including the latest position on the new stadium and a discussion on the commercial budget for next season presented by Commercial Director Ivor Hellor.   After a detailed discussion, particularly regarding Kingsmeadow Live, it was agreed that further information would be compiled by the Football Club Board and would be represented to the Dons Trust Board later in the year.

Dons Trust Secretary David Hall then updated the Board on latest discussions regarding the constitution update and our presence at the forthcoming Supporters Direct Conference.

The final substantive items included the brief for a strategic review, to be carried out, in an unpaid capacity, by two supporters experienced in carrying out such reviews.  One key aim of the review will be to assess the structure and needs of the Football Club and Trust following the proposed move back to Merton.  It was agreed that part of the review would also consider whether there was a need for a prominent and public non-executive chair to work alongside the current Chair representing the Dons Trust in public.