Summary of January DTB Meeting

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The Dons Trust Board (DTB) held its first monthly meeting for 2014 on Thursday 9 January. Here is a summary of what was discussed.

The meeting started early at 7 pm to accommodate a presentation from the new stadium architects, which included some impressive three-dimensional graphics of the proposed stadium.  It also covered areas such as positioning, phasing and construction of the various stands, acoustics, lighting, safety and integration into the wider development.  The Board asked a number of questions of the architectural team working with the Club.

There then followed a briefing on the next stages of the process involving the Planning Inspectorate and the subsequent likely timetable,  including the application for planning consent to Merton Council.

In the main part of the meeting,  Club Chief Executive Erik Samuelson and other directors from the Football Club Board (FCB) gave their monthly update.  Various issues were discussed, including the new sponsorship deal with US writer John Green, kit merchandising, bar performance, season ticket re-sales and the January transfer window.

Erik then presented two papers.  The first of these included a proposal on a change to the senior management structure of the FCB.  The second included a proposal for bringing in additional funding and associated organisational arrangements.   After some discussion, the DTB retired to consider the proposals.  The first proposal was agreed, with one abstention.   On the second proposal the DTB asked the FCB to pursue initial discussions with the interested party, but it was agreed that the DTB would need to consult members on the proposals ahead of the next scheduled Special General Meeting in May.

The meeting finished at 10.45 pm.

An additional special DTB meeting has been arranged for 22 January, with the next regular monthly DTB meeting scheduled for 17 February.