Stand and deliver!

With the annual Dons Trust Board election about to take place, here is your chance to help set the direction of your club, says Board Secretary David Hall.
AFC Wimbledon is owned by its supporters through the Dons Trust. The Dons Trust Board (DTB) sets the strategic direction of the club, appoints the staff who deliver the strategy and ensures that they deliver it. The DTB also engages with Trust members, and the wider community, to ensure that the strategy reflects the wishes of stakeholders.

The DTB has nine members, each elected to serve for a period of two years. This year, four members’ terms come to an end, and this year’s election is to select four members to serve for the next two years. The terms of the other five members end next year. If they wish, retiring members can stand for re- election.

Certain skills may be an advantage in helping the DTB deal with different aspects of its activities, but no specific skills are obligatory for DTB membership. While particular DTB roles may be allocated on the basis of an individual’s skills or interests, the DTB, like all such bodies, will seek specialist advice and support as and when necessary. Indeed, one of the positive benefits of our club structure is the wide range of skills provided by our volunteers. In fact, the only attributes a DTB member needs are commitment, effort and the ability to work as part of a team. A Joining Pack is being drawn up, and training opportunities will be available.

All supporters who are members of the Trust are entitled to vote to elect DTB members, and all Trust members (with the exception of club executive officers) are entitled to stand for election to the DTB. If you wish to contribute to the club by being elected to the DTB, you must nominate yourself as a candidate, and:

• You should familiarise yourself with the Trust’s rules for the 2014 election, available on this page
Any member considering nominating themselves for the Board election is strongly advised to first discuss the role with an existing Board member, or  by contacting

Supporters are reminded that, to be entitled to vote in the election, they must be full and paid-up Dons Trust members on 24 October 2014.