Video highlights goalkeeping skills for young Dons

The Dons Trust today launches the first in a series of ‘monthly master class’ videos with goalkeeper James Shea providing a demonstration of his skills.

Jane Lonsdale, on behalf of the Dons Trust, has been working with the AFC Wimbledon Foundation, coaching staff and the club to produce footballing master class videos, specifically aimed at teenage Dons fans.

The first video on our official AFC Wimbledon YouTube channel starts with in-form Dons keeper Shea being put through his paces by coach Ashley Bayes. Click on Your AFC Wimbledon  to watch the video.

Videos in the series will show a first-team player demonstrating a skill or technique and talking about it. Then they will show the skill/technique being used during an actual game. There will be one video a month, between now and the end of the season.

The Dons Trust wishes to thank Neal Ardley, the coaching staff and the players for their time in producing these videos for our younger fans. We hope you enjoy them.