Have your say on new DT match day plans

Work is being undertaken outside the ground this summer to enable the Dons Trust to provide a better service to its members on match days. As part of this, Dons Trust Board (DTB) members want your views on the best way to facilitate its match day presence (please see bottom of page for more information).

The next time you venture to The Cherry Red Records Stadium you might notice a small change to the approach at Jack Goodchild Way.  The grassed area between the control room and the club shop will imminently be paved to provide a more weather-resistant base for The Dons Trust and the AFC Wimbledon Foundation, along with other volunteer and charity match day operations.

In recent years, a match day table has been hosted at this spot where DTB members have been available to answer queries and launch specific fundraising events including raffles. Thanks in part to a donation from the Womble Underground Press fanzine, the Dons Trust is taking the opportunity to improve the area and provide a much better service to members. An improved facility will also enable our charity and community activities to have a fixed base to work from on match days.

An initial idea from the DTB is to have a kiosk (similar to the white ticket booth in Jack Goodchild Way) placed onto the new paving and utilise that as the hub. An outside table would also be in operation when weather permits.  Though this is straight forward to implement, the DTB feel this would end up being rather impersonal and are looking at a design that is more reminiscent of an exhibition stand to enable members to walk in and converse with DTB members whatever the weather.

Before the DTB commits to any specific design, it is seeking your views about what you would want to see the DT provide on match days and any views you have on how the service should be housed. For example, would having a computer set-up be a good addition so that the Dons Trust can check membership details live and facilitate online applications?

Any of your ideas or thoughts will gratefully be received by emailing DTB chair Matthew Breach.