Dons Trust supports Olympic Stadium petition

The Dons Trust Board is urging members to support a petition calling for a public inquiry into West Ham United’s move to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford.

Media attention has focused on the deal in recent weeks, particularly following a recent BBC documentary into the move.

The petition is backed by the supporters’ trusts of a number of London clubs, including those of Leyton Orient and Charlton Athletic, who claim their clubs will be most affected by the deal.

The petition states that a public inquiry is necessary to delve into the full circumstances surrounding the move and claims:

  • West Ham has only contributed £15m towards the £272m conversion costs of the Olympic Stadium, with the taxpayer footing the rest of the bill
  • Taxpayers will cover the costs of stadium utilities, security, pitch maintenance, goalposts and corner flags (estimated to be worth £1.4m to £2.5m per year)

‘Public money should be used responsibly and in a way which does not distort the competitiveness of independent sports bodies and businesses,’ the petition says.

You can sign the petition online.