Board news

The Dons Trust Board is pleased to announce that a new Secretary, Rob McGlinchey, has been appointed to replace David Hall. Rob will be shadowing David over the next three months but will be taking up the role formally in December at the AGM.  

The elections later this year will be for six board members as Kris Stewart has resigned from the Dons Trust Board. The Board would like to place on record their appreciation for all the work Kris has done in his three elected terms on the board as well his instrumental efforts in setting up AFC Wimbledon as its founding chairman.

To cover the three month period between Kris’ resignation and the elections, the Board is pleased to announce that Roger Evans has been co-opted onto the Board to fill the vacancy. Roger has already been involved with helping the Board on the New Stadium project and the Restricted Actions process so is ideally placed to step in over this busy period.

Further details of the nomination and voting process for the elections will follow nearer the time.