October’s board meeting summary

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) held its monthly meeting at The Cherry Red Records Stadium on Monday, October 19. Ahead of publication of the redacted minutes, this article summarises the main points that were discussed.

Club chief executive officer Erik Samuelson attended to give his customary update from the Football Club Board. Erik gave the DTB the latest news regarding the design of our proposed new stadium in Wimbledon, progress with the contract for the possible sale of The Cherry Red Records Stadium to Chelsea FC, and news from the Football Foundation regarding the transferability of previous grants from Kingsmeadow to the new stadium. There was also news for the board on player transfer activity and Andy Barcham’s injury.

Erik also mentioned the previous day’s minithon, which he had taken part in. Those DTB members who had also taken part agreed with Erik that it had been a very successful event that had reflected brilliantly on the club. The fundraising achieved by the Academy (over £11,000) was particularly praiseworthy. The DTB thanked Eileen Samuelson, Jeremy Sauer, Kay Skelton and all the other volunteers for their hard work putting on the event.

Ahead of Thursday’s scheduled Special General Meeting, Mark Davis ran through the latest news from the first Back in Two Ticks vote. He reported that although the process had gone smoothly it had also thrown up some issues that could be followed up, including the temporary unavailability of the Trust website due to factors outside the Trust’s control which meant that the Back in Two Ticks information hadn’t always been available for members to consult during the voting period. Mark gave his thanks to all of the volunteers who had helped with Back in Two Ticks so far, in particular David Growns, David Hall and membership secretary John Stembridge.

Secretary David Hall then gave an update on this year’s DTB election. Seven valid nominations had been received for the six vacant positions, which means that there will be an election. Paperwork is being prepared for mailing out to Trust members so that they can vote, and mini manifestos will appear in the matchday programme for the game against Hartlepool United on October 31.

Following discussion about the draft AFCW plc and Trust annual accounts and the timeline for approving them ahead of the relevant December AGMs, there was a brief discussion about the continuing success of the We Are Wimbledon Fund before any other business was considered. Items under this agenda item included a discussion about the best way of organising the annual Wimbledon Food Bank collection and an agreement from the DTB that they would fund out of their own pockets sponsorship of a Christmas tree at Trinity United Reformed Church, where the second Back in Two Ticks SGM had been held, so that children could decorate it – yellow and blue tinsel recommended!

In attendance from the Dons Trust Board were: Matt Breach, Mark Davis, Roger Evans, David Growns and Sean McLaughlin. Apologies were received from Moorad Choudhry, Nigel Higgs, Zoe Linkson and Jane Lonsdale.