Outcome of first vote on stadium sale

The Dons Trust is pleased to announce the outcome of the first round of voting on the Restricted Action authorising the sale of The Cherry Red Records Stadium, which took place at the SGM on Thursday, October 22.

The result was as follows:

  • The number of Trust members eligible to vote as of September 30 was 2,249
  • The number of valid votes cast was 1,924 which represents a turnout of 86% (the minimum required by the constitution is 50%)
  • The number of votes cast in favour of the resolution was 1,887 which represents 98% of votes cast and 84% of the total eligible membership (the minimum required by the constitution is 75% and 40% respectively)
  • The number of votes cast against the motion was 23 and a further 14 votes were abstentions or spoiled ballots
  • Of the 1,924 votes cast, 1,651 were from online proxy submissions, 268 from paper proxy forms and five members who voted in person at the SGM

The resolution comfortably exceeded the minimum thresholds required for a Restricted Action of this nature and will therefore proceed to a second round of voting. Proxy voting forms will be sent out on Monday, October 26. You can see the full timeline for vote two in this leaflet.

All Dons Trust members are urged to cast their vote in the second round of voting.

Again we need a very high level of turnout and approval in order for the resolution to be passed. It is vital that members do not assume that a high turnout in the first round of voting will automatically translate into a high turnout at the second round of voting.

The Dons Trust Board is very grateful to members for their enthusiastic participating in the voting process so far and their endorsement of the board’s recommendation to vote in favour of the motion. The board also extends its thanks to the large number of volunteers who have played their part in helping us to reach this stage.