Mailings to Dons Trust members

The ballots for the 2015 Dons Trust Board election were sent out yesterday by email (via Survey Monkey) or by post, according to each member’s stated preference.

At the same time, a number of postal Back in Two Ticks ‘vote 2’ reminders were sent out. Where possible, we also included membership cards in the envelopes for those members who had yet to collect them.

The postal despatches were sent out in a combination of ‘Back in Two Ticks’-branded envelopes and plain brown envelopes, so keep an eye out for them arriving on your doorstep over the coming days.

If you recently notified us of a change of email or postal address, it’s possible that this has yet to be updated on our system. We are aiming to update these addresses over the weekend so if you have not yet received the email or postal ballot, please wait until next week before contacting us.

My thanks to the volunteers who worked with me on this on Monday (Gordon, Colin, Matt, Derek, Sandra, Peter and Jil) and to the club office, in particular Mandy and Paul, for their patience and all the envelope franking!

David Hall
Dons Trust Secretary