Final chance to vote

Voting in the Dons Trust Board election closes on Monday (December 7) at 23:59.

Members who have opted to receive communications from the Trust via email and who are showing as not having already voted should have today received a reminder to vote. A final reminder is scheduled to be sent out on Sunday.

If you fall into this category but didn’t receive your original email via Survey Monkey with a voting link, please urgently email the Dons Trust Secretary who will send you an alternative web link.

Members still receiving paper communications and who haven’t already voted might want to ensure their vote is in the post tomorrow (Saturday, December 6) if it’s to reach the club office in time for the voting cut off.

Alternatively you could hand deliver your form, posting it (in an envelope marked ‘Dons Trust Board election’) through the letterbox at the club office.

If you’re still undecided who to vote for, you can check the candidates’ manifestos, and listen to the election hustings and the 9 Years podcast, on the main election page of this website.