Are you missing out on being involved, informed and heard?

Attention all Dons Trust members! Invitations to join the Trust Webjam have now been sent to all members aged 16 and above. Members who have registered are now taking part in discussions, debates and polls. 

Recent discussions have been based around:

  • ethical sponsorship and the co-option of a youth engagement board member
  • the Dons Trust Board’s activities and the work board members undertake on your behalf
  • the summaries from board meetings
  • videos from the recent SGM.

We are holding a sign-up surgery and help session on Wednesday, September 21 starting at 7.30 pm in the back bar at the Cherry Red Records Stadium.

This session is provided to all Trust members who would like any help signing up or to see the site, understand more about its purpose and working, and to provide help to anyone who would like to see how to register.Trust Webjam logo

If you would like help registering, please bring along a wi-fi enabled laptop with access to your invitation email and we can help you! Don’t worry if you don’t have a laptop available: please come along anyway and we can show you the process.

The Trust Webjam is the new online social network that facilitates engagement online with the Trust board. It enables Trust members to be involved, be informed and be heard. Discussions and polls are taking place, all in a secure, exclusive members-only space.

If you would like more information please contact