Club reacts to EFL’s Whole Game Solution statement

Earlier today (Wednesday, November 16), the English Football League released a statement announcing that it was withdrawing its proposals to restructure the league fixtures (known as the Whole Game Solution). 

At the beginning of this review, we welcomed the EFL board taking the initiative to look at a number of areas where they perceived there would be pressure for change in future, so as to put the League in a position of leading the discussion.

However, in our feedback we expressed concerns that the need for change had not been adequately demonstrated and that we were uncomfortable about the likely negative impact of the proposed changes on the status of the FA Cup.

We expressed substantial concerns that the time scale for implementing the proposed changes was too restrictive to allow for full and thorough discussion.

Therefore we welcome the withdrawal of the proposals as it will provide a breathing space and subsequently a more considered return to the subject to determine what changes, if any, are needed.

Read the full announcement from the EFL for more information on this.