Bank notes lying flatGolden Goals: news for 2019/20

After supporter consultation and feedback from the Golden Goals selling squad, there are a few changes to Golden Goals for the 2019/20 season.

Most obvious will be the smaller ticket size, with the match number and scratch panels all now on one line.

Next, you’ll see there a new sponsor for this season: Chemflow Total Solutions. We really thank them for their support.

Finally, analysing last season’s statistics to see which players scored and when means we’ve grouped players and minutes so that periods of high goal activity should be mirrored by increased winner activity. This necessitated a decrease in the overall number of tickets available to buy – but means your chance of winning increases!

But if you don’t win on the day, hold on to your ticket. Where there is no claim after 14 days (a changed period from last year), ‘near misses’ will be considered.

Prize monies remain at £100 for the first goal (either side) and £25 for the second; there are individual cards for ‘nil-nil’, ‘own goal’ and player ‘sub, any time’.

The rules outlining the process and how to claim will be publicised on the Golden Goals page of this website in time for the Rotherham United home game. In addition, we now have a dedicated email address for all contact with the Golden Goals team leaders, including for claims:

The balance of all sales money, minus winnings, will this season help fund new stadium costs. Any unclaimed prizes at the end of the season will again go to the AFC Wimbledon Foundation.