Haydon Womble Happy Birthday Junior DonsHappy Birthday, Junior Dons!

The Club and Trust would like to wish Happy Birthday to all the Junior Dons who have turned a year older since our last home game (against Bolton Wanderers on March 7).

Junior Dons would usually get a birthday shoutout on Haydon’s page in the matchday programme but, with games currently suspended, we’re conscious that some will miss out. So, for all Junior Dons with birthdays from mid-March until the end of May, we’d like to wish you a very Happy Birthday here.

AFC Wimbledon striker Joe Piggott has also sent his belated birthday wishes to those Junior Dons who celebrated their birthdays in March. Keep an eye out on the club website and social media for messages on behalf of the squad to Junior Dons celebrating their birthdays in April and May.

Haydon has passed on his birthday wishes too, and has sent us this photograph to let you know he is thinking of you.

Haydon Womble Happy Birthday Junior Dons

Junior Dons will still receive their player-signed cards. Unfortunately, as we hope you understand, it isn’t currently possible to get all the players together to the sign them, so we have decided to get the cards pre-printed to ensure everyone still receives their cards. We will of course revert to individually signed cards as soon as we can.

Happy birthday to all the Junior Dons celebrating in March, April and May. We hope you all have special days and, of course, are staying safe.






Junior Dons celebrating birthdays: 

Aaron Sharp 10

Sophie Desmond 16

Blake Vogler 4

Harry Hedges 12

Adam N Khiar 10

Eva Stacey 13

Jamie Whaley 15

Francesca McTernan 6

Lucinda Tribe 14

Arthur Priestley 10

Lucy Davis 13

Joseph Labadie 8

Alex Watkins 10

Ollie Hall 10

Georgina Messenbird 16

Malachi Kamara 9

Luis Taylor 13

Blossom Morton 3

Maxwell Passant 9

Jesse Crichton 1

Ishaan Mittal 9

Rochelle Mayne 16

Emily Nixon 14

Barney Murdoch 9

Tom C-Norris 12

Isabella Emanuel 12

Oliver Hayes 7

Lucy Tucker 13

Maddie Tucker 13

Jack Saker 6

Barnaby Athill 14

Scarlet Pleasence 16

Lola Ciano 14

Tilly Crone 10

Poppy Hunt 10

Aida Zabeti Targhi 4

Jacob Rajakone 1

Scarlett Mullane 11

Alisha Harrold 12

Harry Chalk 4

Daniel Calver 10

Georgina Zarei 2

Megan Laws 12

Ben Lewis 13

Tom Lewis 13

Raquel Spindola 15

Euan Timms 14

Madeleine Wiggins 16

Rosie Revell 12

Zachary Laramee 8

Natasha Madel 13

Rose Mason-White 16

Nathan Mayers Johnson 14

Arya Clarke 5

Sophie Davis 11

Isaac Rutstein 8

Lillie Burford 8

Megan Filer 11

Daniel Williams 12

Theo Macqueen 8

James MacKenzie 5

Joseph Fine 11

Khay Muhammed 16

Amber Powell 15

Heidi Jones 15

Harry Canham 10

Grace Bunworth 2

Casper Stern 8

Edward Bowring 9

Joseph Fine 11

Sylvia Hanson-Keen 1

Michelle Cargua-Rodriguez 15

James Knowlson 16

Jack Derry 14

Joden Trickett 13

Connor Stevens 4

Grace Kelly 12

Storm Evanston-Bailey 14

Freddie Smith 14

Dylan Jones 10

Max Foulkes 14

Etta Sam 16

Olivia Smith 13

Imad 8

Isabella Canham 5

Charlie Yates 8

Lois Sexton 12

Jack Ringsell 2

Lily Metzner 12

Iman Hannachi 15

Stanley Jones 10

Saskia Maliki 16

Josephine Rey 9

Scarlet Lord 12

Torbjørn Tennebø 14

Ares Morgan 1

Louis Newell 10

Tilly Hancock 11

Kate Galloway 14

Keira Parker 14

Ava Borley 12

Jessica Prior 8

Jacob Hayes 11

Sofia Guven 15

Henry Séné 9

Dylan Bailey 9

Cassandra Smith 14

Leia Sheerin 16

Ned Staplehurst 11

Sophie McLaren 15

Olly Gatt 7

Sonny Albert 14