Board meeting report 7/02/24

The latest board meeting was held at Plough Lane on Wednesday 7th February. Apologies were received from Hannah Kitcher with Anuk Teasdale and Andrea Knox joining online.

Ratification of email decisions

  • It was confirmed that Andrea Knox was appointed as Secretary with George Jones continuing as Assistant Secretary.

Co-Opting new board members

  • The board discussed co-opting new members as an alternative to a by-election.

Theme Groups


  • An update was given on some upcoming events to be held at the club engaging with different parts of the community.
  • The collection of ED&I data was discussed.

Member services and engagement

  • An update was given on next year’s membership offering.
  • Work is continuing on contacting people whose membership has lapsed or are using a different email to note that their Proboards accounts will be closed.
  • The date for the next Meet the DTB was confirmed as Feb 28th.

Culture and Mission and Oversight

  • The next steps in the constitution review are being taken.
  • The next steps in the debt and equity work will be agreed after the Finance Committee meeting on 15 February.
  • Each theme groups KPIs were discussed, with publication to members to be made once they were finalised.