Summary of the December Board meeting

The Dons Trust Board held its monthly meeting on Monday 10 December.

Chief Executive Erik Samuelson presented his latest CEO Report. Topics arising from this, and discussed with Erik and other Football Club Board members present at the meeting, included first team matters following Neil Ardley’s appointment, the club’s finances (including the year end forecast for 2012/13), progress on a possible new stadium in Plough Lane, and a review of the recent FA Cup tie in Milton Keynes.

In the light of the number of nominations for the DT Board elections, there was a discussion about the constitutional issues that had subsequently arisen – these were subsequently discussed with DT members at the AGM the following Thursday.

The Board also discussed the option of co-opting to the Board, and feedback from members over aspects of the specific AGM resolution about associate directorships and its supporting paperwork.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the Dons Trust website shortly.


  1. For want of a better place to raise this, I was wondering if this site has the facilities for a basic forum? In view of the need to raise income for the club I would have thought a section of a forum dedicated to ideas and suggestions of raising funds could be a useful way of encouraging participation and a way of having some form of debate and consideration. Any chance?

    • Hi Clive,

      thanks for the suggestion, and apologies for the delay in responding. I quite simply didn’t spot it!

      When we set up the new DT website, the possibility of a forum for members was certainly part of our thinking. We need to sort out the mechanics but watch this space, as its definitely something we aim to do sooner rather than later.

      Best wishes.

      David Reeves
      DT Secretariat

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