Dons Trust Board election results

DT logoMany thanks to all Dons Trust members who voted in this year’s Board elections.

The following candidates have been elected to the DT Board:

Zoe Linkson, Mark Davis, David Growns, Moorad Choudhry and Jane Lonsdale.

The Dons Trust would like to record its grateful thanks to outgoing Board member Tom Adam for all his hard work and dedication in support of our Club.

The total number of votes cast for each candidate was as follows:

                                            Total                  Postal              Online

Zoe Linkson 592 86 506
Mark Davis 542 78 464
David Growns 524 77 447
Moorad Choudhry 517 87 430
Jane Lonsdale 502 74 428
Tom Adam 497 73 424

The turnout was 38.4%.