Dons Trust Secretary

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) announce that, after serving for three years, David Hall has given notice of his resignation as Secretary. In order to help a smooth transition during this busy period for the DT, he has generously agreed to assist the DTB on relevant matters until a suitable replacement is appointed.

DTB Chair Matthew Breach stated: ‘David has given great service to the Dons Trust in his time as Secretary, bringing professionalism to the role and helping set-up the current structure where the DTB is supported by a number of key volunteers in the areas of communications and organisation rather than relying on the Secretary alone. His commitment and enthusiasm will be missed.’

The DTB is now actively seeking someone to take over the role of Secretary. Those interested are invited to send a CV or short statement outlining why they believe they are suitable for the role by email to Matthew Breach on or before Friday 17 July.

This position has been filled by volunteers in the past and our preference is for that to continue. The board is prepared, however, if necessary to consider a paid position, within the context of our decision to be a London Living Wage employer.

Click here for a full advert for the role, including a job description.


  1. dear Secretary, Thursday 1st October 2015., 16.00 hrs.,
    I have just voted by internet regarding the 2 vote isse/
    can you confirm that my vote has been received please,
    Thank you Malcolm Bayliss

    • Hi Malcolm, if you successfully completed the online Surveymonkey process, you should have seen an onscreen acknowledgement that it was completed and then have been taken to a generic Surveymonkey page. We will contact you if your vote wasn’t received.

      • Malcolm, we’ve checked member returns received to date, and you definitely have voted!

        • Thank you for confirming that I have voted and that I voted for the motion.
          I hope my query did not waste too much of your time.
          Give my thanks to the Dons Trust Board


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