Vacancy: Dons Trust Secretary

Following the resignation of David Hall, the board of the Dons Trust (DT) is seeking suitable applicants for the role of Trust Secretary. Responsible to the members of the DT, and supporting the board of the DT in its work, the Trust Secretary’s key duty is to protect the members’ interests and ensure that the DT is properly run, according to its own rules and the law.

The role of Secretary is formally defined within the Dons Trust’s constitution. The main tasks of the role include:

  • ensuring that members have all the information they need before and after meetings
  • understanding and interpreting the constitution and advising on changes where appropriate
  • arranging for external expert advice (including legal advice) to be taken, where they deem this necessary to protect the interests of members
  • working with the Electoral Steering Group for the elections to the Dons Trust Board and overseeing and supporting the election process where necessary
  • liaising with the chair of the board to arrange meetings and prepare agendas
  • publishing minutes from board and members’ meetings
  • ensuring the DT’s records are kept up-to-date and that regulatory reports are filed accurately and on time.

The DT has a secretariat which includes minute-takers and other communications specialists. The secretary co-ordinates the work involved in taking minutes of meetings of members’ and board meetings.

A good Trust Secretary will be methodical, reliable, decisive, resilient and tactful, with the ability to show discretion and maintain confidentiality. They will need to display excellent attention to detail, have the ability to summarise and explain complex information, have strong negotiation and delegation skills, and be able to plan and co-ordinate the work of others. It is likely that they will have some experience of a similar role, either professionally or on a volunteer basis, and possess good IT skills. Supporters Direct, the umbrella body for supporters’ trusts, provides training for Trust Secretaries and the postholder will be expected to attend such training.

The board meets at least once a month and there is some preparatory work to do before each meeting, including obtaining and collating papers from the club Chief Executive, Board members and others as appropriate. Following the meeting, minutes once produced need to be agreed. Members’ meetings are at least three times a year and each requires the preparation and distribution of papers to all members, with again some work after each meeting. In all, we believe that a good secretary is likely to dedicate approximately 15–20 hours per month, on average, to the role.

If you feel you have the qualities and experience required, and would like to help – or if you would like further information – please send a CV or short statement outlining why you believe you are suitable for the role by email to Matthew Breach on or before Friday 17 July 2015. Interviews will be held with down-selected candidates as soon as practicable after the initial deadline for expressing an interest.