Outcome of Restricted Action vote

Following the first round of voting in October, the Dons Trust is pleased to announce the outcome of the second round of voting on the Restricted Action authorising the sale of Kingsmeadow, which took place at the SGM on 16 November.

The result was as follows:

  • The number of Trust members eligible to vote as of 30 September was 2,252
  • The number of votes cast was 1,949 which represents a turnout of 87% (the minimum required by the constitution is 50%)
  • The number of votes cast in favour of the resolution was 1,918 which represents 98% of votes cast (the minimum required by the constitution is just under 67%)
  • The number of votes cast against the motion was 19 and a further 12 votes were abstentions or spoiled ballots
  • Of the 1,949 votes cast, 1,666 were from online proxy submissions, 278 from paper proxy forms and five members who voted in person at the SGM

The voting percentages comfortably exceeded the minimum thresholds required for a Restricted Action of this nature and the resolution authorising the Dons Trust to permit the sale of Kingsmeadow is now passed.

The next stage of the process will be for AFCW PLC shareholders to pass a similar resolution at AFCW PLC’s AGM in December. This should be a mere formality, given that the Dons Trust controls over 90% of the shares in AFCW PLC.

Commenting on the outcome of the vote, Dons Trust Chair Matthew Breach said:

‘The successful vote on the stadium sale is an important milestone in helping to return AFC Wimbledon to its spiritual home in Merton. On behalf of the Dons Trust Board, I would like to thank our members for voting in such large numbers and for backing our proposals so unambiguously.

‘There is still a lot of work to do to deliver a new stadium but the outcome of the vote shows the overwhelming support among Trust members and the club’s fans for having AFC Wimbledon play where it belongs, back in Merton.’

A Press Notice issued by the Trust contains further information. Matt’s further thoughts will feature in the programme for the Dagenham & Redbridge match on 24 November.