‘Ask the board’ section added to the Trust Webjam

The Trust Webjam now has an ‘Ask the board’ forum thread so that members can ask direct questions to specific board members.

The forum thread also outlines the current allocation of responsibilities within the Trust board, so that when asking your question you know which board members have responsibility for different areas.

Why not ‘Subscribe’ to this forum thread so that you receive email notifications when someone posts in it?

Don’t forget that the Trust Webjam is a secure, Trust-members-only site that allows us to discuss Trust-related issues in confidence. The addition of the ‘Ask the board’ forum thread is one of a number of improvements that we will be constantly making to the site as it evolves and grows in response to feedback.

Are you a Trust member who didn’t get an emailed invite to join the Trust Webjam? Email the Dons Trust webmaster asking for your invite to be re-sent.