1. “The main Dons Trust website remains as a way for the Trust to communicate with the wider AFC Wimbledon fanbase and the fan-ownership community in general.”

    ……… so why can’t i see the latest meeting summary on the DTB website without using “webjam”? Why should I HAVE to join something, which I am not going to do, to see something which should be “communicated” to all?

    • Mark, thanks for your comment.

      To explain, the Dons Trust Board meetings are for the elected board members of the Trust. Shortly after a meeting a “summary” is posted on the members only Trust Webjam site. This gives Trust members (who the board represent) an exclusive opportunity to see what was discussed ahead of fans and the wider AFC Wimbledon fanbase and the fan-ownership community in general.

      The minutes are then produced and published on this website.

      The summaries of the meetings are later also posted onto this website as soon as the next month’s summary goes onto the Trust Webjam – so are available to non-members in a longer timescale than for members.

      Your question does raise the issue of whether minutes and summaries of a membership organisation should be communicated to all or whether to the members only.

  2. I am surprised and disappointed that you have published my name with my comment on this website. I was not aware that I gave my permission for you to do so. Please remove. ….. This highlights one of my concerns why I WILL NOT subscribe to Webjam and raises further concerns regarding the Trust’s (and club’s in general) compliance with personal data, storage, security and use, legislation.

    For example: This sites Privacy Policy consists of “Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.” There is no further “statement” except for a section dealing with cookies

    I AM a member of the Dons Trust and as such expect to continue to be able to freely access or receive, in a timely manner, relevant documentation without having to join a third party social network, Webjam.

    • In the comments section of this website, in keeping with most websites hosted by WordPress, any commenter’s name is displayed exactly as they enter it. Although we require an email address to be entered by you in order to accept the post, your email address isn’t displayed in order to maintain your privacy.

      We have edited your previous comments to remove your full name. In future, please enter your name as you wish it to be displayed.

      The Trust Webjam’s software is provided by a third party but all of the membership information is held by the Trust. If you reconsider your decision not to join, please do email webmaster@thedonstrust.org and he will validate your membership information and email you a link to join.

      We envisage the Trust Webjam being used as a valuable tool to aid secure communication between Trust members and the Trust board.

  3. I am a dons trust member can I buy as a present for my sister as a present a trust membership for a year and then she takes it on

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