Latest board meeting summary available on the Trust Webjam

The Dons Trust Board held their regular monthly meeting last week. The summary of the meeting is now available for Trust members via the free-to-join Trust Webjam.

Trust members can read May’s summary on the Trust Webjam. If you’re a Trust member but haven’t signed up for the Trust Webjam, please email our webmaster and he will send you another invite.

Remember that the Trust Webjam exists to allow you to engage in discussions with fellow Trust members and the board – feel free to use it to raise any questions you may have. If your question is specifically for the board, please post it in the Ask the Board forum, which will send the board members a notification.

In the spirit of openness, now that May’s board meeting summary is available for our members, April’s summary has been released on this website for all AFC Wimbledon fans to read.