July’s Board Meeting Summary

The Dons Trust Board (DTB) held its regular monthly meeting at The Cherry Red Records Stadium on Thursday, July 13. Ahead of publication of the redacted minutes, Hannah Kitcher summarises the main points that were discussed.

The DTB were joined by club chief executive Erik Samuelson, who gave an update on the tendering process for the build of the new stadium and the rationale behind the FCB’s recommendation of preferred tenderer. The selection was ratified by the DTB subject to satisfactory clarification of a couple of queries following the meeting and will be announced on Webjam, once tenderers have been informed but prior to general notice. The board recorded their thanks to all concerned in the selection process, in particular the project manager Andrew Williams. Erik also updated on the status of the Section 106 and Development Agreements, which continue to make steady progress.

Erik provided an update on budget and cashflow for next season, both of which have improved from the original baseline thanks to transfer income, and responded to questions from the DTB about the FCB report.

The DTB discussed the EFL Trophy and how best to express our continued disapproval of a competition that includes “B sides”. Given the draw, it was agreed that discussions would be held with the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust. It was also reported that the Blackpool Supporters Trust had contacted the DTB with regard to our games in the upcoming season; it was agreed that Jane Lonsdale would discuss with them what position they would like away fans to take.

The new Community Relationship Management system has now gone live and the DTB unanimously recorded its thanks to all concerned in its development and implementation, particularly David Growns and Alex Feeheley.

Erik left the meeting and the DTB went on to discuss Trust-specific issues.

Jane Lonsdale attended the Supporters’ Summit 2017 and the AGMs of both the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) and Supporters Direct (SD), as a delegate of the Dons’ Trust. Tim Hillyer also attended in his roles as an elected member of the National Council of FSF and co-opted director of SD. Jane referred to her blog posted on Webjam and Tim agreed to prepare a note that will inform the DT of all the votes taken at the Supporters Summit and how the DT votes were exercised. The DTB recorded its thanks to Jane and Tim for their attendance at the Summit.

It was noted that Rob Crane, who had previously provided these summaries of DTB meetings, had informed the DTB that he wished to step down from his involvement on the Secretariat for the time being. The board recorded its thanks to Rob for his contributions to the Secretariat and to Webjam.

Present from the Dons Trust Board were: Matthew Breach, Mark Davis, Colin Dipple, Roger Evans, David Growns, Tim Hillyer, Jane Lonsdale and Sean McLaughlin. Apologies were received from Nigel Higgs (who is recovering from a recent operation) and Tom Brown.