Dons Trust Board elections – interviews with candidates

Interviews with candidates standing for election to The Dons Trust Board will be broadcast live this Saturday, 10 November, on YouTube.

These interviews will be conducted by members of the 9yrspodcast team, but will feature questions submitted by Trust members.

Trust members who would like to submit a question to candidates can do so in two ways:

  1. Email your question, citing your DT Membership Number, to, and please indicate which candidate you are directing your question towards.
  2. Submit your question while watching the live interviews, using YouTube’s comments section, citing your DT Membership Number as you do.

Please note that it is unlikely all questions submitted will be asked. This will be determined by volume received and time available.

The interviews, that will last roughly 20 minutes each, will be split into two sessions, starting at 11.00am and 2.00pm respectively. The exact timings for each candidate will be released towards the end of this week.

To watch the interviews live, go to just before the start of each session, where links to the videos will be posted.