Dons Trust 2018 board elections results

The Election Steering Group undertook the count of votes from the Dons Trust elections before the match on Saturday 8 December.

1,268 votes were cast, representing a turnout of 44%. The four successful candidates were Hannah Kitcher (760 votes), Rob Crane (500 votes), Luke MacKenzie (496 votes) and Anna Kingsley (476 votes). They will take up their role following the AGM on 20 December.

The Dons Trust Board is grateful to the Election Steering Group, led by John Dolan, and to independent observer Neil Springate for their hard work on the elections. The board also wishes to thank all candidates for standing and to thank outgoing board members Matthew Breach, Nigel Higgs, Sean McLaughlin and Tim Hillyer for all their hard work in support of the Trust.

The AGM on 20 December will be an opportunity for those members who have not yet met the new board members to come along and meet them.

The full results of the elections can be found here.