Potential new club partner

AFC Wimbledon are currently in talks with a betting firm with a view to taking them on as the club’s official betting partner.

The Dons Trust are aware that betting can be a contentious issue and would like to take a “temperature test” of the membership before approving such a deal.

The Dons Trust will shortly be publishing an article and a video providing more details.

Voting will be online, but members who do not have internet access and are registered for postal communication only will be able to vote in person at the Dons Trust kiosk before the home games against Doncaster Rovers on Saturday 9 March and Peterborough United on Tuesday 12 March.

More details soon.


  1. Funny that Golden Goals and The Dons Draw are showing on the same page…. this is gambling too surely? I have no issue with having a betting partner.

  2. The cost of moving to a new stadium will prohibiting on other essential projects, within reason we should maximise our income and if this is the best finacially we should accept the offer. But I would prefer any income to go against the mortgae on the stadium , The mortgage on the Emirates [Arsenal] is paid from the naming rights deal hence no mortgage this is what we should be achieving to do.

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