A graphic of a ballot box with 'Vote' written above itAre you thinking of standing for election?

Our next elections may not be until towards the end of the year, but it’s never too early to think about standing for election to the Dons Trust board.

The board runs the Trust on a day-to-day basis on behalf of its members, working closely with the football club’s own board to set the strategic direction of the club.

Elections to the Trust board are held every year on a one member, one vote basis. The elections take place in November–December, with the results officially announced in December at the Trust’s AGM.

There is a total of nine elected people on the board. (Currently there are 10 people on the board as an additional member has been co-opted to fill an identified skills gap.)

Last year, four places were up for grabs. In 2019, there will be five places up for election. Successful candidates serve a two-year term.

Board meetings usually take place once a month, usually on a Wednesday evening at the ground, and last from 7:30 pm for around three hours. Depending on the portfolio undertaken by each individual board member, there will be additional meetings, as well as a varying amount of work to be done between board meetings.

The role is done on a voluntary basis.

Thinking about standing? Unsure and got some questions? Why not ask one of the existing board members what their experiences have been?

You can read about previous elections.


  1. Yes I would like to stand for election next November/December. I supported Wimbledon F.C since 1982. I took my 8 y.o daughter to Plough lane and I had the confidence to leave her to be looked after by fellow supporters whilst I went to the hot dog stand for a snack and refreshments. I have an active standing order payable to the Dons trust. I am a Parish councillor for Oxted and I am also the Chairman of the Tandridge District Residents /forum. I am a School governor at Hurst Green Infants school. My hobbies are working for the local community and gardening. I am also a PACT registered prison visitor. I believe I can bring a wealth of experience to the Club. I am 72 years young, in excellent health and live in Oxted.

    • Hi Alan,
      Great to hear that you’re looking to stand for the Dons Trust Board. More details on how to stand will be available and published on this website soon. As a member, you will also receive notice of the start of the election period via your preferred method of communication (email/post).

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