A question mark drawn on a chalkboardEFL Trophy survey result

The Dons Trust recently held a ‘temperature test’ survey among our members to help determine the club’s approach to future EFL Trophy matches.

The number crunching has been done and the outcome was that the club should:

  • continue its existing stance towards the EFL Trophy = 678 votes (74.10%)
  • change its existing stance towards the EFL Trophy by opening hospitality and fully promoting all EFL Trophy matches = 235 votes (25.68%)

Two members spoilt their paper or gave no answer.

Members therefore voted to continue the existing stance.

We have fed this outcome through to the football club’s board. Individual supporters of course remain free to decide for themselves whether or not to attend specific matches.

We would like to thank all our members who took part in this survey, which was carried out both online and via in-person voting at the Dons Trust kiosk before the Bristol Rovers match. We’d also like to thank Trust secretary David Growns for counting the votes.