A graphic showing an envelope with two speech bubbles representing electronic communicationNew Dons Trust Members’ Forum

After three years of free access to Webjam, as a Board we have now come to the view to explore alternative means of engaging with other Dons Trust members and the Dons Trust Board.  

The Dons Trust Webjam will no longer be available as of 1 February 2020 and as we pursue alternatives, we have set up a free online forum with ProBoards. Go to donstrust.boards.net to register. As this is a Dons Trust members-only forum we will need to verify that you are Dons Trust member before we can approve your access.  

As part of registration, you will be required to use your real name rather than a pseudonym, to help keep the forum respectful. You should also upload a photo of yourself. In the navigation bar, go to ‘profile’ and click ‘edit profile’ to upload an image as your avatar.

As with Webjam, we expect members to follow our guide on acceptable use. Please familiarise yourself with its use and set a good example when using the Dons Trust forum. This will encourage others to do the same. 

Once you’re on and using the forum we’d appreciate any comments or feedback you have. We’re also interested in hearing from anyone who might be able to help us set up a membership forum which integrates with joining the Dons Trust and the membership database.  Please contact hannah.kitcher@thedonstrust.org.