The letterbox challenge

Dons Trust Board member Anna Kingsley describes some of the hurdles and highlights of working behind the scenes to promote the Plough Lane Bond.

Mention the words “brush” and “letterbox” and you’ll trigger a visceral sense of frustration – hatred, even – in some people who are here today. Those fans are part of the army of volunteers who have been spreading word of the Plough Lane Bond, one leaflet at a time. Worse than the rain and the wind, they’ll tell you, is a brush letterbox. Try posting a leaflet through one of those without crumpling it up – it’s impossible!

The gang who devised the Plough Lane Bond have worked phenomenally hard to raise over £5 million towards the funding of the new stadium. But the scheme would not have been such a success were it not for the dedicated supporters who have been trudging up and down the streets of Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Kingston and beyond. They’ve ventured all around Surrey, down to Brighton, up to Oxford and across to Canary Wharf, setting new personal bests on their Fitbits every day. You may have bumped into some of them outside a train station, handing leaflets to tired commuters. Or you may have spotted Haydon shaking hands with children in Centre Court. Students have come home from university to do their bit. Others have roped
in their parents and kids to help. The teamwork has been incredible.

When their club is in trouble, Wimbledon fans pull together and fight back like no others. It’s what makes this club so special. Just like the Seedrs campaign, the Plough Lane Bond is proof of our resilience and our determination to remain fan-owned.

Here are just a few of the comments from the leafleteers :

Sara Cobbett sums up the passion: “Leafleting has given me such a sense of pride in our community. I walk the streets, nursing sore fingers from vicious letterboxes, but brimming with that wonderful feeling that we’re doing a great thing for our club and bringing the wider community together at the same time.”

“Being part of something very special, that’s why I don my waterproofs and get out leafleting,” says Dave.

“I remind myself that the leaflet I put through the next letterbox may be reaching the next Bond investor,” adds Andy.

“It’s quite simple,” says Mark.


“We are a club made by the fans for the fans, and our collaboration on the Plough Lane Bond is just the latest example of this. It’s been an awe-inspiring privilege to be part of this,” says Laurent.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d see the results we’re having,’ adds Anthony.

The team has already covered nearly two thousand streets, but the work continues. If you can, please join in. Ask at the Dons Trust kiosk today if you would like to leaflet your neck of the woods. Or you can help spread the word on social media. Become part of the WhatsApp group of Bond promoters, and your phone will be pinging all day long with updates. Let’s all join in this final push to bring the Dons home.

The Plough Lane Bond scheme is open until 14 May.

Bonds are available on terms of 5, 10 or 20 years. Interest is paid annually at your chosen rate, from 0 to 4%. For
more details, go to