AFCW PLC AGM & Dons Trust SGM on 19 MARCH

The AFCW PLC AGM will go ahead but the Dons Trust SGM is postponed.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the suspension of football matches and the EFL’s instruction to clubs to suspend fan meetings and other non-essential business, the boards of the Dons Trust and AFCW PLC have been discussing whether to proceed with the Dons Trust SGM and AFCW PLC AGM scheduled for 19 March.

The two boards have agreed to postpone the Dons Trust SGM but to proceed with the AFCW PLC AGM at the advertised time of 8.30 pm on 19 March.

In reaching this decision, the boards have taken into account the importance of protecting the health of AFC Wimbledon fans, staff, officers and the wider public. Further background on the reasons for this decision can be found here.

Meetings of AFCW PLC shareholders are normally open to members of the Trust, as they usually follow a Dons Trust SGM. However, on this occasion, given the need to restrict numbers, only existing shareholders of AFCW PLC will be admitted. The AFCW PLC board requests that any shareholders who have a persistent cough or a high temperature, or who have recently returned from countries with a high prevalence of COVID-19, should not attend the meeting. Shareholders in higher-risk categories, such as people who are elderly or have impaired immunity or respiratory difficulties, are advised to consider carefully whether they wish to attend the meeting or not.

Shareholders not wishing to attend the meeting have until 8.30 pm on Thursday to submit proxy voting forms – see for further information.

As an alternative to sending the proxy form by post, shareholders can scan or take a photograph of the form and email it to